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We would be happy to talk with you personally. We live in Germany, so just give us a call for more photos of the house, tips on events in Cape Coral, the best shopping opportunities, formalities for your journey to the USA or anything else on your mind while you are deciding on a vacation at Villa Unica.



Katja and Mirco Kappe

Tel. +49 (0)2336-473456








Our Journey to this House


For us it was love at first sight as soon as we saw this house. We christened it Villa Unica because of the many facets it features that one doesn’t normally find in other Cape Coral houses. Villa Unica is truly one-of-a-kind.

You’ll understand what we mean the minute you set foot onto the wonderful patio with its many beautiful plants and take in the amazing sense of quiet and tranquility. Even the 24 photos we’ve posted can’t fully reflect this atmosphere.

It was important to us that the interior was open and airy in contrast to how compartmentalized most American bungalows are. The doors are made of heavy genuine wood instead of pressboard, while the bathrooms feature quality fittings and everywhere you look feels bright and inviting.


We chose this house from a selection of more than 120 on offer. We looked at around a dozen, but this was the only one that really knocked us out.

We’ve furnished the house with an eye on maintaining this effect and above all on staying true to its almost Mediterranean style.

We’ve always placed a special focus on the outside area, because this is where you spend the most time. There are many houses on the canal, but not all of them have a great view because the canal is too narrow or the properties on the other bank are empty. We really enjoy being situated on an oversized canal that almost feels like a lake.


It was also important for us to find a house facing south to ensure that the patio gets enough sun all year round instead of having to drag a lounger into some faraway corner in the back.

But facing south also means lots and lots of sun in the summer. Many other houses have fairly small roofed patio areas, or “lanais”, with just enough space for one table with 6 chairs. But we believe that a lanai should also have enough space for an adequate number of loungers since not everyone wants to lie in the sun all the time.


Along with the fire pit on the patio and its small seating area with a pergola, another highlight is the separate grill area. BBQ traditionalists will enjoy the charcoal grill where you can hear the palms rustling nearby. This is right where the evening sun comes in and is the perfect spot for rounding out the day.


And if charcoal is just too much trouble for you, you’ll find the gas grill mentioned above right next to the charcoal grill.

In the meantime we also know that all of our immediate neighbors are totally nice people who are completely helpful. We also appreciate how important it is to live in a good area when you’re driving to the supermarket or out to eat in the evening so often. Everything you need is literally only a few minutes away, including for instance Del Prado Blvd.

These were our motivations when we were searching for our dream house. We are so happy to have found it and we hope that you feel as good at Villa Unica as we do ourselves when we visit as often as we can.



If you’ve read all the way to here, then all that’s left for us to do is to warmly invite you to book Villa Unica for a relaxed, unique vacation of your own.



We look forward to having you!


The Kappe Family